Framekit WZ

Framekit WZ

Sidecar frame kit for BMW models.

For those who want a different body or choose to make their own chair (enduro/transportation) we offer our kits as a frame kit. With this kit you can build a rolling chassis and use your own body or build. Our frame offers space for bodies with a maximum with of 65 cm excl. mudguard.

Sidecar bodies which are often used on our frames are eg Ural, Velorex, EZS Compact, EZS Clique, Sidecar One, Scotia Sidecars ADV & Box bodies or the Mobec Gipsy

The WZ series is developed specifically for the BMW models R850/1100/1150 R/RS/RT/GS and R1200 GS
The WZ kit is offered in three versions:

  • WZ Basic: The standard version. In this version the motorcycle is left as standard as possible so changing between riding sidecar and solo remains possible. The kit contains all mounting parts, the complete sidecar frame, the manual, the TÜV certificate and if wanted a sidecar body of your choice. The motorcycle will stay on its original wheel (alloy as well as wire spoked wheels).
    The alloy wheels are TÜV tested and certified for sidecar use.
  • WZ1: This kit is a WZ Basic kit but with the extra’s. A front wheel trail reducer (for lighter steering) and a hydraulic drum brake on the sidecar.
  • WZ2: The WZ2 kit is per the WZ1 kit, it also has the rear wheel adapting kit with the adapter, a 15” car wheel to replace the original rear motorcycle wheel. The 155-15 tire makes it possible to keep the ABS brakes on the motorcycle working as intended.

For the BMW R1150 and the R1200 GS models with alloy wheel the Basic kit already contains the 15”rear wheel conversion with adapter, 15”wheel and 155-15 tire. The original rear alloy wheels are not certified for sidecar use.
The BMW R1150 GS/Rockster and R1200GS models require a different front wheel trail reducer. Which is of course in the kits for these specific models.

All WZ models have galvanised frame and mounting parts. We offer powder coating after galvanising as an extra option. Standard sidecar wheel is a 13”car wheel with 145/80-13 tire.

For the WZ frame kit we offer the sidecar models: Heeler, Ridgeback and Fox

Keep in mind that your combination might have to be certified for road use. Please contact your local (or country) authorities to check which rules and legislation applies to your built. Please contact your local(or country) authorities to check which rules and legislation applies to your built.


Basic Frame Kit

Framekit WZ