The Ridgeback, also named after a dog breed, is basicly a Heeler with a different upper body panel.

The production quantities of the Ridgeback are lower and therefore fibre glass was the most obvious method of production. To guarantee the quality we have also had this body part tested by the TÜV (Splinter test).

With the Ridgeback we offer an alternativ for the Heeler. With the standard chromed bar and the adapted luggage room a more classical design is made. This models fits very nice to eg the R Roadster models.


  • L x B x H 2000 x 650 x500 mm
  • Luggageroom ca. 125 liter
  • Seat with 500mm
  • Standard chromed bar
  • Standard tonneau


  • Foot support
  • Safety belt (hip)
  • Higher windscreen
Posted on: 11 February 2015Ivo Schoenmaker