The Heeler is the first Tripteq model, named after the Australian Cattle Dog, a small but tough working dog from Australia. Half Dingo half domesticated, a hard worker and very reliable. The same features you would give our Heeler.

The body is made from High Tensile Automotive ABS Plastic. The production method is Vacuumforming. The advantge of this productionmethod and tha ABS is that the body has a very smooth finish so painting takes not so much preparation, this reduces painting costs.

By keeping our basic concept clean and simple we can keep the Heeler at a very reasonable price. You have the possibility to change the Heeler to your own liking.


  • L x B x H 2000 x 650 x450 mm
  • Luggageroom ca. 100 liter
  • Seat width 500mm
  • Tonneau


  • Front cover flip for easy entrance
  • Luggageroom flip (only toghether with the front flip)
  • Rollbar
  • Luggagerack (chrome/black)
  • Footsupport
  • Hip seatbelt
  • Higher windscreen
Posted on: 11 February 2015Ivo Schoenmaker