Sidecar assembly for BMW Motorcycle Framekit WZ

Sidecar assembly for BMW Motorcycle Framekit WZ

Framekit WZ

The Sidecar assembly framekit WZ  is especially developed for the BMW Motorcycle R 850/1100/1150 R,RS,RT, and GS models. This version is certified by the TÜV and can be assembled by the both dealer or customer. The stiff Telelever front fork and the rear wheel construction make it relatively simple to make a sidecar assembly from your BMW Motorcycle. Our Front wheel trail reducer alters the trail from the original motorcycle to a trail which is good for sidecar use, steering will be much much lighter. Our solution makes it possible to alter the trail without mounting a complete new and expensive front earles forks. The conversion to a rear car wheel at the rear makes it possible to drive the rig with a car tire which will wear much less than the original motorcycle tire.

The standard version of the Sidecar assembly framekit WZ offers the possibility to drive solo as well as sidecar. Within 30 minutes you can change from solo to side and back. The standard version is delivered with a TÜV certificate, all mounting parts, complete body and construction manual.

The  Sidecar assembly BMW motorcycle Framekit WZ can be used for different models;

BMW 259 models:

  • Standard
  • WZ1 : Like standard but with; trail reducer and hydraulic drum brake kit
  • WZ2 : Like WZ 1 but with 15” car wheel and tire and adapter

BMW R11R R11RT R21 models:

  • Standard: This kit is like the kit for the 259 mode but standard with wheel and adapter.
  • WZ1 : Like the Standard kit but with trail reducer and hydraulic drum brake.


  • Standard : The 1200 GS comes as a standard kit, depending on the models a Wheel adapting kit is required. The brake and trail reducer can be ordered separately

Besides these models there are some more possibilities; please contact us to help you decide what kit is the best for you.


  • Mounting kit BMW R850/1100/1150R, RS, RT, GS R1200GS included
  • Quick mounting and de-assembly
  • Galvanized chassis
  • Can be bought as a DIY kit
  • Body from high quality automotive ABS plastic, low painting costs


  • 3 point connection to your bike
  • L-shaped pulled swing arm
  • Hagon shock absorber
  • Sidecar wheel: 4,5 J x 13″ rim with 145/80-13″ tire
  • Max weight incl load: 650 kg
  • Suspension travel sidecar wheel 60 mm

Interested in how to assemble the kit to your BMW Motorcycle? Look here for our assembly manual:


  • Powder coated chassis (after galvanizing)
  • Alloy wheel 13” with 155-70-13 tire
  • Sidecar swing arm with step
  • Stronger spring R1100 R/ RT/GS/RS
  • Disc brake kit (extra cost)
  • HCS shock absorber (pre load/damping adjustable)
Posted on: 11 February 2015Ivo Schoenmaker