Framekit UN

The UN version is the universal Chassis version. The chassis is delivered with 4 extra plates which can be used by yourself or your dealer as a starting point for constructing the mounting parts to the Motorcycle. This kit is for all other models and makes which can be used as a sidecar puller.

Manufacturing sidecar mounting parts is a specialised job, we advise strongly to have these parts made by specialists. If you really want to construct these parts yourself please make sure you have both the knowledge as the tools to manufacture parts.


  • L-vormig pulled swingarm
  • Hagon shock absorber
  • Sidecar wheel: 4,5 J x 13″ wheel with 145/80-13″ tire
  • Max weight incl. load: 650 kg
  • Shock absorber travel 60 mm

The UN version is delivered with an unpainted/ not galvanised chassis.