TÜV approved
Available as DIY kit

The Tripteq sidecar concept

Choose, buy and mount your own sidecar;

This is one of the possibilities we offer with our TripTeq concept. The basic  kit contains all parts and assemblymanuals to mount the sidecar to your BMW R850/1100/1150 R, RS, RT, GS  and R1200GS Motorcycle.

With the basic kit you can ride either solo or sidecar. After the initial assembly changing from solo to sidecar or vice versa is a matter of minutes. If you rather ride a full combination you choose the WZ1 or WZ2 kit. Here  we explain the differences between the basic, WZ1 and WZ2 version.

The WZ kit is sold with a very complete construction manual, a TÜV certificate (RH side) and with that it’s the first real DIY sidecarkit. To assemble the kit some technical experience is required, also a basic set of tools and a place to work. The manual will take you through the proces of assembly the frame and body up to aligning the whole set up.

Ofcourse it is also possible to let your dealer or a trained mechanic do the assembly for you.

The UN version has a sidecar frame for universal assembly. for this kit a dealer or fabricator should make the mounting parts to the motorcylce. Tripteq only offers mounting for the already mentioned BMW models.

On the Tripteq chassis we offer 3 diferent bodies, the Heeler, the Ridgeback and the Fox.  It is also possible to just  buy a chassiskit and mount you own sidecar body.

Ofcourse we offer a lot of accessories to build the Tripteq to your individual demands.

The Tripteq is sold with a TÜV certificate but do check with you local authorities about the legislation regarding sidecars in your country.

For UK/South Africa and other LH drive country residents please take a look at our LH version

Tripteq R1100 GS
R1100GS with Heeler sidecar